What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music to achieve patients' physical and mental care needs, promote good health and healing through a therapeutic relationship with a credentialed professional.
Virtual Learning


Cottonwood Music Therapy now offers virtual lessons and music therapy sessions. On an individualized, client-to-client basis, we can adapt all of our services to the virtual world. Popular services include guitar lessons, general music class, and songwriting workshops.

Individual Music Therapy 


One-on-one private music therapy sessions. Each client receives personalized assessment, recommended goals and a treatment plan. Music exercises are used to target non-musical objectives and facilitate progress or retention of the client's particular needs.

Adaptive Lessons


Music lessons that are specifically designed for individuals with varying needs such as physical or emotional afflictions. Lessons cater to people's needs with adaptive techniques, use of technology, customized instruments and lesson plans.   

Group Music Therapy

Similar to individual music therapy except in a group settings. Groups typically have related goals such as behavioral & emotional needs or memory retention. Group sessions are often held in assisted living facilities, counseling centers and clinics. 

Private Lessons

Traditional private music lessons for all ages and abilities on Guitar and Ukulele. Beginner lessons also available for Piano, Electric Bass, Mandolin and Vocal training.  If appropriate, group lessons such as Rock Band classes can be provided. 

Folk Classes & Preschools 

In the spirit of Pete Seeger, these educational classes and assemblies are specifically catered for children ranging from preschool through high school. They focus on the history of folk music, folk instruments, and the global influence of folk from songwriting to strengthening community.